Hello our friends from Utrecht :-)

Thank you very much for your letters, they are great. Our letters are on the way to you.

Our May was very busy, at the beginning we celebrated The Day of the Earth, where our friends from class 8.A prepared nice project for us outside in the sunshine. As you can see here:

Then we spent whole week in Jeseniky. Where we discovered those beautiful mountains. Also we went for trips, enjoyed funny games and competitions and had a nice time with the youngest children of our school (class 1.B). Look here how wonderful it was:

And at the end of May, last Thursday, we visited Prague. We traveled there by train and walked all important sights. It is beautiful and historical city:

Hope you all having a nice end of the school year.

Many greetings from class 5.A.

Branný den na ZŠ Masarova
Pozdrav dětí ze školního parlamentu


MČ Brno - Líšeň
Informační memorandum GDPR Prohlášení o přístupnosti